Cashflow Forecasting

Businesses don't fail for lack of profit; they fail through lack of money. Often banks will require a cashflow forecast to support an application for borrowing. Some cloud accounting packages (particularly the newer cloud-based one) have cashflow forecasting capabilities either built-in or added-on but these tend to be short-term based on invoice raised and received and average times to pay or be paid, but a growing business needs something longer term (12+ months).

We will prepare cashflow forecasts bespoke to your business, based on realistic assumptions provided by agree with you. We will help you set sensible objectives to mitigate against ''pinch points'' and ensure that there is sufficient headroom in your funding facilities not to cause you a cash crisis if things do not turn out quite as you anticipated.

To discuss our cashflow forecasting services, please get in touch with our General Practice Director (Scott Cadman) or our Consultant (James Eyre-Walker) on 01782 848838 or email us using the link below.