We work with solicitors in several ways:

  • As owner-managed business clients (and the owners as private clients) whatever their business structure
  • As co-advisers in corporate finance transaction, partnership and shareholder agreements and inheritance tax planning etc.
  • As auditors for Solicitors Accounts Rule (including for the clients of practitioners not registered for audit)
  • As expert witness in matrimonial matters, shareholder/ partnership disputes, loss of earnings and corporate litigation etc.

We continually seek to foster and develop these relationships.


To discuss our services, please get in touch with our General Practice Director (Rebecca Williams) for general enquiries, our Consultant (James Eyre-Walker) or General Practice Director (Scott Cadman) for expert witness and corporate finance or our Audit Director (James Parr) for Solicitors' Accounts Rules audits on 01782 848838 or email us using the link below.