Small & Enthusiastic

You're beyond the start-up phase. You are enthusiastic and ambitious but being in business isn't as straightforward as you first thought. You (or your spouse) has been doing the book-keeping, but it is taking up too much time, so you want to appoint a bookkeeper. You also need to take on some employees to cover the work. Cashflow is getting tight as the business grows and absorbs more cash to fund working capital and you're not really sure where all this is going.

We have a range of services to help you:

  • First and foremost, your Account Director is there to offer you advice on a wide range of business matters, not just bookkeeping, accounts and tax
  •  We can help you with business planning and cashflow forecasting
  • We can use our extensive bank and other finance contacts to help you secure funding for the business
  •  We can help you find a suitably capable bookkeeper
  • We can operate a payroll on your behalf

Of course, you may be small and content with being small, as sometimes small is beautiful.

For all your needs as a small business, contact our General Practice Director (Rebecca Williams) on 01782 848838 or email using the link below.