Corporate Identity

Mission & Vision Statement

Strategic Values

  • Place clients first
  • Value our employees
  • Provide services clients want and need
  • Achieve in a timely manner
  • Act with social responsibility
Our Values

Strategic Objectives

  • Develop the efficiency and effectiveness of client services through a process of continuous improvement
  • Develop additional, complimentary client services to meet changing client needs and expectations
  • Maintain compliance with all relevant rules and regulations, embracing best practice wherever possible
  •  Add real value to compliance services
  • Establish and nature relationships with clients
  • Exceed client expectations of our services and service deliver
  • Promote technical excellence in all that we do
  • Balance business needs against life-style aspirations of staff
  • Promote the technical, professional and personal development of staff
  • Provide a friendly and safe working environment
  • Provide staff with all the resources they require to fulfil their role
  • Maintain and improve a healthy and increasingly profitable financial position
  • Support the local community

Service Standards: What To Expect From Us

If you are, or become a Howsons client, this is what you can expect from us:

  • A service tailored to your individual and/or business needs;
  • Know who your client team are, what they will do and how to contact them;
  • Your accounts and/or tax returns to be ready within six weeks of us recieving your books and records, or as otherwise agreed in advance with you and providing that there is no outstanding information;
  • To work to agreed timetables;
  • Be kept informed of what is happening with your affairs, if there is a delay;
  • A meeting if required, at which your affairs are discussed and explained to you;
  • Where a meeting, by mutual agreement, is deemed unnecessary full communication, inwriting, of matters to fulfil your expectations of us;
  • Contact before your year end to explore any tax mitigation opportunities that may exist;
  • A deep understanding of you and your business;
  • Advice on improving your record-keeping;
  • Advice on structuring your affairs in a tax-efficient manner;
  • Advice on improving profitability;
  • Advice on how to adjust VAT errors;
  • Advice on monitoring the performance of your business (i.e. Key Performance Indicators);
  • Having any of our advice confirmed in writing;
  • Your e-mails to be responded to (if only to acknowledge receipt if we cannot give an immediate reply) within 24 hours;
  • To know what our fees are going to be and, if we expect to charge additional fees, advance notification that that is the case;
  • Having your affairs kept confidential at all times;
  • Access to a director as and when you want/need it;
  • Free access to our wide-ranging website resources and our App;
  • Being kept up-to-date with relevant changes in compliance laws and regulations;
  • To act at all time with openness, honesty, integrity and objectivity;
  • A positive and enthusiastic attitude;
  • Not to promise anything that we are unlikely to achieve;
  • To maintain a rigorous system of quality control. Whilst this summarises what we think you can reasonably expect from us, our aim is always to exceed your expectations.

Service Standards: What We Expect From You

If you are, or become a Howsons client, our relationship should be a dynamic one. This is what we expect from you:

  • Let us have your all books and records on a timely basis;
  • Respond promptly to queries for explanation/clarification;
  • Let us know when you are planning to do things outside the ordinary course of business which may have financial or taxation consequences so that we can give you the advice you deserve;
  • Make us aware of any changes in circumstances that are relevant to your financial/taxation affairs;
  • Act on instructions given by us;
  • To be open and honest with us;
  • Give us feedback on how we are doing in dealing with your affairs;
  • Pay us within the agreed terms as regards our fees.
Our Services

Please refer to Regulatory Information for details of our authorisations, registrations and accreditations.