Other Assurance Services

A full audit, within the scope of International Standards on Auditing, is an expensive option. As audit exemption thresholds continue to rise, many owner-managers want some assurance as to voracity of their accounting systems and resultant financial statements without the expense of the full audit. We offer a number of alternatives.

Audit & Assurance

Limited Assurance Report

The Audit & Assurance Faculty of ICAEW have developed a Limited Assurance service. It takes the form of a cut-down audit, with its own standards of performance, but without many of the strict requirements of a full audit.

We offer this as one option, although our personal view is that it does not necessarily meet the requirements of many business owners.

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Agreed Procedures Assurance

A much more flexible option is to undertake an Agreed Procedures Assurance approach, whereby you, the client, determine and agree with us what work you actually want us to undertake. In determining the agreed procedures we will advise you on the procedures that might be available and of potential benefit to you. We will also agree the form of report that you require on completion of the work and can give you a fixed price fee quotation for whatever is agreed as being the scope and extent of the work.