Our Values

Our clients are at the centre of all that we do.

Our Mission & Vision Statement recognises that every client is different, with unique characteristics and differing needs and expectations. We spend a lot of time trying to understand you and your business and your expectations of us, and to apply that in our service delivery. You can find out more about our service standards under "what to expect from us".

What To Expect From Us


We recognise that servicing your needs involves team-work. We value the contribution of all our team members and therefore we value them, as people. We ensure the competence of all of our team members by investing heavily in training and development activities to support their needs. We offer very flexible employment terms, including annualised contracts for senior team members, time-off-in-lieu of overtime and flexi-time working. Applying best practice in our human resource management has made us a Platinum ACCA Employer.


Howsons maintain a high profile presence in the North Staffordshire and broader business and agricultural communities, by working effectively with your other service providers (such as solicitors) to meet your needs. We have established our reputation by adhering to the values we believe in. Within our local community we support not-for-profit organisations with a pro-bono time fund.

In The Community


We ensure objectivity so that our advice is un-opinionated and as sound as it can be. Central to our ethos is developing a proactive and forward thinking culture, tackling problems that don't appear to have an immediate solution with innovative ideas and outside the box thinking.

If we don't have the answer, we'll hunt it down.

What Makes Us Different

We adhere to the highest ethical standards of integrity, objectivity and independence that underpin our professionalism. We are open and honest, and keep your affairs confidential at all times. We scrupulously apply high quality control procedures, with every piece of work being subject to review before it is released.

We aim to operate as sustainably as possible: minimising waste, recycling and re-using.